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Saudi Arabia, Updated on 07-04-2021
The Italian applicant who is applying for a Saudi visa is availing visa services which are operated in the highest security environments.
Saudi Arabia, Updated on 11-03-2021
You can apply for Umrah visa with Saudi visa service providers. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy Saudi visa services for Hajj visa or Umrah visa or Saudi visa online
Saudi Arabia, Updated on 27-02-2021
Saudi Arabia came up with Saudi Arabia electronic visa. It is the most easy and quick way to apply for Saudi visa. Citizens of United States of America have to apply for Saudi Arabia visa to visit the country.
Saudi Arabia, Updated on 25-02-2021
Saudi Arabia has listed around 35 countries, whose citizens will be eligible to apply for an electronic visa. And the good news is that Malaysia is one of those countries on the list.
Saudi Arabia, Updated on 08-01-2021
Saudi Arabia has been evolving from a few years with its visa policies and tourism segment. It was in 2013 that Saudi Arabia started rolling out various types of visas, Umrah visa being one of them. This visa is designed for Muslims who wish to perform Umrah out of turn or beside the traditional period of pilgrimage.
Saudi Arabia, Updated on 23-11-2020
In the wake of the pandemic and its subsequent precautions and restrictions, all UAE residents and citizens travelling to Saudi Arabia will have to follow these guidelines for safe travel and pilgrimage.
Saudi Arabia, Updated on 13-11-2020
If you are solo woman traveler and planning to travel solo in Saudi Arabia, you must be well aware of the rule, regulations, laws and practices. Read here the Complete Guide for Females travelling to Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia, Updated on 02-06-2020
Saudi Arabia when discovered oil for the first time in the last century, it changed the country’s economy and uplifted economic growth and development.
Saudi Arabia, Updated on 06-05-2020
While planning your dream trip, what would come as a blessing is an easy and convenient visa process. Who wants to queue up in front of the embassy if you can get your visa online.
Saudi Arabia, Updated on 01-05-2020
Saudi Arabia is the only Gulf country that has remained untouched by tourist until recently. This place is new to tourism. Islam was born in this archaeologically rich country.
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