Best time to visit Saudi Arabia

, Updated on 01-05-2020

Saudi Arabia is the only Gulf country that has remained untouched by tourist until recently. This place is new to tourism. Islam was born in this archaeologically rich country. The Muslim belt considers the Mecca and Medina as the most treasured gift to Islam. Another renowned hot spot of religious significance is the temple of ‘Maidan Saleh’or popularly known as the second petra.  Who knew Saudi Arabia rests with sculpted red dunes that give gradients of amazing visual treats. While Jeddah’s World Heritage dates back to the pilgrim realms. You might come across deserted villages that are aching to be discovered.

If you are planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, it is imperative to learn about the weather of this place. Saudi Arabia faces scorching heat in summers.

*The best time to visit Saudi Arabia is from late October to early March.

But if you are heading towards the south-west region where Asir mountains are loved for its scenic personality, then you should drop by before November or after February. It's foggy otherwise.

Summers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s climate is one of the driest in the world. The temperatures get as high as 50-degree centigrade. Summers are extremely exhausting where the usual temperature crosses 45 degrees. Locals prefer to slip into mountains in July and August which are considered the hottest months. The deserts are gleaming with heat. But Saudi Arabia’s coastal areas are relatively humid than the inland desert regions. Cities like Jeddah and Mecca have lower average temperatures competitively.  

Winters in Saudi Arabia

This weather is rather pleasant than summers in Saudi Arabia. But who could imagine rainfall n the middle of the desert? Yes, Saudi Arabia experience rainfall in winters. Temperatures usually shuffle between 28 degrees to 32 degrees. And nights are freezing as the mercury drops below zero. Some southern parts also experience snowfall in winters.

The Spring season brings a good amount of rainfall in April and May.

If you wish to explore the archaeological structures and religious places in Saudi Arabia, you can opt for the winter season. Day time exploration will be quite endearing while you can sip in hot coffee at night and slide in your comforter.

A short sneak of Saudi Arabia’s event

This list will help you plan your itinerary while on a vacation to Saudi Arabia.

  1. January- The famous Dakar Rally takes place in this month as they speed their metal wheels through the desert.
  2. February, March- A two-week cultural festival Jenedriyah happens in these months near Riyadh. Jeddah holds its Red Sea Film Festival in March. This festival is a great breakthrough as movies weren’t allowed in Saudi Arabia until recently. Tourist season ends in March.
  3. April- This month is not meant for the soft-hearted. As the locals fast for Ramadan, unbearable heat and all restaurants can truly keep you inside your hotel room. But at night, places like Jeddah are happening till late.
  4. May, June, July, August- These are hotter months and visiting the beach won't help you as it gets humid there. You have an option of relaxing at a high mountain resort in Abha.
  5. September- This month locals celebrate the Saudi Arabia National Day. You will find people dressed in their flag colours to show their loyalty towards their nation.
  6. October- From this month the tourists season starts. The country has started seeing a number of tourists who come to learn and explore the rich culture of the Islamic religion. You cant try snorkelling to discover what the Arabian waters have to offer you.


Saudi Arabia is hugely unexplored. Its stringent rules have kept this chunk of earth quite away from the happenings that other gulf countries experience. Weather is another reason why fewer visitors think of coming here. But if you plan well and follow rules and instructions as per the local government, you might come across a good number of mysteries waiting to unfold.  The travel is quite easy as you can apply Saudi Arabia e-visa or UAE e visa by filling the Saudi Arabia online application.

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