Saudi Arabia e-visa for US passport holders

, Updated on 27-02-2021

Saudi Arabia has been in limelight for reforming its laws to promote tourism. Its travel policies have been reviving since the country now feels the need to raise other sources of income. So the country came up with Saudi Arabia electronic visa. It is the most easy and quick way to apply for Saudi visa.

To enjoy quick and easy online Saudi visa services, log on to The 24x7 chat support team will assist you in the shortest possible time.


Saudi visa for Americans

Citizens of United States of America have to apply for Saudi Arabia visa to visit the country. To apply for Saudi Arabia visa, log on to

Saudi Arabia evisa is an official and legit permission which is granted to the applicant to enter the country for the purpose the applicant has stated. This visa is generated on the internet and is received by the applicant on their registered email address. You are required to carry a print out of the visa from the email. In this process you are not required to visit the embassy or consular office physically to apply for Saudi Arabia visa.

The valid stay period for American nationals in Saudi Arabia is 90 days with multiple entry. The evisa is valid for 1 year after the issue date. It takes less than 6 minutes to apply for Saudi visa online. Even if you make mistakes while filling the online visa application, you can still correct them by logging into your account. For any further assistance, just drop a message with chat support. You are applying Saudi visa in the highest form of a secured environment while applying with Ievisa. Steps to apply for visa (link it with blog that explains steps)

You need to have a Yellow fever vaccination while travelling to Saudi Arabia if you come from a country that has risk of Yellow fever.

Documents Required

American nationals require the following documents while applying for online Saudi visa:

  • Valid passport- should carry a validity of 6 months while you apply for Saudi visa.
  • A clear digital photograph
  • Valid email address- You should have a valid email address so that you can be communicated and updated with the status of your online visa application and you can receive your visa as well.
  • Credit card, Debit card- You will be required to make payment online for visa. So you should have a valid credit or debit card to make payment for the same.
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