Saudi Arabia Visa for Malaysians

, Updated on 25-02-2021

Saudi Arabia is a huge chunk of land in the Middle-East that sees thousands of pilgrims every year. With its recent revival in the travel policies and induction of new regulations and laws. Saudi Arabia has started issuing electronic visas to visitors which has also added to the convenience of the travellers. By amending laws for women, it has proved its stature for co-existence.

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Countries Eligible for Saudi Arabia evisa

Saudi Arabia has listed around 35 countries, whose citizens will be eligible to apply for an electronic visa. And the good news is that Malaysia is one of those countries on the list. Yes, Malaysian nationals can apply for an electronic visa for Saudi Arabia. As far as Saudi Arabia Tourist visa is concerned, Malaysian citizens will have to apply for it.

Valid period 

Saudi Arabia evisa an electronic visa that permits a Malaysian national to enter and stay for a valid period. For this kind of visa, you need not visit an embassy or consulate physically. Just log on to and apply online. With high safety protocols and quick online application filling process, Malaysian citizens receive their Saudi Arabia evisa in the quickest possible way.

Malaysian citizens can stay in Saudi Arabia for 90 days with multiple entries on Saudi evisa. Malaysians can visit Saudi Arabia for tourism or business purpose on this visa. Employment in Saudi Arabia is not permitted on this visa.

Documents Required

Malaysian citizens require the following documents to apply for Saudi Arabia evisa:

Valid Passport- Passport carrying a validity of 6 months is required to apply for the visa.

Scan Copy of passport- A clear scan copy of the valid passport is required.

Email Address- Your valid email address will be required to update your status of the application and other essential notifications.

Means of Payment- Valid debit card, credit card will be required to make online payments.

Validity & Time required to apply

Saudi visa is valid for a year after the date of issue. The online application requires less than 10 minutes to apply for a Saudi visa.


Multiple Applicants

When Malaysian nationals are travelling with families or friends, you need to apply for separate visas for all. While applying for online Saudi visa, you can add several applicants while filling the application. Make sure applicants have the required documents while applying online.

Corrections in an online application

In case if you make any mistake while filling the online application, you can edit the details in the form. For more information, js drop a message at Team Ievisa will reach you in no time.


Travel to Saudi Arabia is buzzing. New laws, amendment in the laws and travel policies will make this country a top destination for vacation soon.

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