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Book Your Dream Trip - Know How To Get e Visa Online

, Updated on 06-05-2020

Vacations are the most enjoyable times of our journey on earth. It is not just a learning process, it helps us to co-exist in different communities around the world. Travelling makes us realise how small we are in this huge world. It is a very endearing way to education for children.

Be it the majestic Himalayas or the serene hills of Switzerland or the stunning beaches of the Caribbean- nature has crafted earth with numerous wonderful places and an equivalent more still waiting to be explored.

While planning your dream trip, what would come as a blessing is an easy and convenient visa process. Who wants to queue up in front of the embassy if you can get your Saudi visa online. Just by filling an e-visa application online, so many of the travel-related tasks fall in place. And if you are travelling with kids, you can imagine what I mean. E-visa can be of huge relief.

 As travel became an integral part of our lifestyle and for many, more of a requirement, countries across the globe planned to integrate high-end technology with travel procedures.

Online submission of documents, all relevant communication over emails, required payments being made online, receiving e-visa over the email- so much has been systematically channelled to convert requirements into robust outputs.

Many online visa service providers offer services to facilitate e-visa. You should always read their terms and conditions carefully before taking their services. Always seek information beforehand through their communication mediums. You can check your eligibility for e-visa on the local government website.

Every country has a visa policy that rolls out different types of visas for different purposes. For eg, According to UAE visa policy, if you are looking for a job in UAE or have a couple of interviews planned, you can opt for a UAE Job seeker e- visa. Or if you have a scheduled meeting in any emirate of UAE, you can opt for a 14-day visa.  

To apply an e-visa online is an extremely simple and convenient process at Ievisa. With a short 2-step application form and minimum document upload, you can swish through the visa application process within minutes. The extremely professional visa experts at Ievisa are available 24x7 to assist you with your visa enquiries and application process.

Follow these simple steps and get your e-visa at your convenience.

  1. Log on to
  2. You will reach the home page. Here you will have to select options to fill in 3 separate places. You are required to select your destination, nationality and current residence place.
  3. Once you have selected from the drop-down menu, click “Go”.
  4. According to your nationality and destination, you will see an information table that conveys the types of visas you can apply for according to your purpose. You can also see the visa charges and required documents on this page.
  5. Once you have selected the visa type, you can click on “Apply Now”.
  6. You enter the first step of filling the online application form. You are required to fill in your basic information which will be a short information type.
  7. Once you have filled your accurate details, click on “Save and Continue”.
  8. You reach the last step of filling details. Here you specific detailed information is required appropriately and accurately. You will be uploading your required documents here. In case you are unable to do so, please reach the 24x7 chat support team.
  9. Once you are done you reach the payment stage where you will require to make payment for visa charges through your credit card or debit card.
  10. The payment done from the side of the applicant ensures that the applicant has submitted the application form successfully. You will receive a confirmation email on your registered email id.


You can track the status of your application at Click on hs link and enter the reference number generated by this website which is also mentioned in your confirmation email.


Your dream trip can never get better than this. Just apply e-visa with Ievisa and leave the rest to us.

Have a safe journey.