Guidelines for Umrah Visa

, Updated on 11-03-2021

Umrah- the most divine journey that has been gifted to mankind. Thousands of pilgrims perform Umrah annually. Saudi Arabia experiences a huge influx of visitors with families who come to the land where Islam was originated. Mecca and Medinah are the two major epicentres where Muslim devotees perform Umrah. With the super convenient travel policies like the Saudi evisa, travel to Saudi Arabia is becoming very simple.

Let's take a look at what are the requirements for Umrah visa:

Who can perform Umrah?

Only Muslims or Muslim communities can perform Umrah.

When can you perform Umrah?

Umrah can be undertaken at any time fo the year. Usually, people opt for periods when children have vacations or near Eid. 

Where Can I apply for Umrah visa?

You can apply for Umrah visa with Saudi visa service providers. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy Saudi visa services for Hajj visa or Umrah visa or Saudi visa online, log on to

What are the Umrah visa requirements?

You require the following:

  • A valid passport that stands 6 months valid.
  • A coloured photograph.
  • If any traveller is bearing a non-muslim name, then the individual is required to get a certificate from a mosque or an Islamic centre that the religion of that individual is Muslim.
  • Confirmed air ticket.
  • Women and children must be accompanied by a male relative or father/son. They will be required to submit proof of the relationship of the male relative with the other female members. The Mahram (male relative) must travel with the other female members and children on the same flight together.
  • Valid residency proof should also be submitted along with the application form if the applicant is not a citizen of the country he/she has a residence in.
  • A vaccination certificate of Meningococcal Meningitis is to be attached. The validity of the vaccination must be 3 years while travelling. The issuance date of the certificate has less than 3 years.

How long is the Umrah visa valid?

The Umrah visa is valid for a month. However, if you wish to stay for long, you can apply for 3 months Saudi e visa and can perform Umrah.

What amount should I pay for Umrah visa?

The charges are mentioned on the website You can apply for Umrah visa online or Saudi e visa and can pay through secured payment options.

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We wish you a safe journey!!

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