Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa Requirements

, Updated on 08-01-2021

Saudi Arabia has been evolving from a few years with its visa policies and tourism segment. It was in 2013 that Saudi Arabia started rolling out various types of visas, Umrah visa being one of them. This visa is designed for Muslims who wish to perform Umrah out of turn or beside the traditional period of pilgrimage.
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While applying for different types of Saudi Arabia visas, you might face some doubts or questions which need to be answered. The following will help you in doing so.

Required Documents for Umrah visa

• Valid Passport- Your travel document is a mandate while you apply for a Saudi Arabia visa. Your passport should carry a validity of 6 months while you apply for a visa to Saudi Arabia.
• Photograph- A clear photograph with a coloured background is required while you apply for a Saudi Arabia visa.
• Tickets bookings- Your confirmed arrival and departure tickets have to be produced at the time of Saudi Umrah visa application.
• Bank Statement- Your bank will issue a statement on request which will be a proof of funds available with you.
Hotel Bookings- Your confirmed hotel bookings will be required while you apply for an Umrah visa.
• Birth Certificate- Your national Identification Card or Birth Certificate will be required as a proof of your identity at the time of Umrah visa application.
• Cover Letter- This letter will state the purpose of your visit. So this document needs to be carefully drafted stating clearly your reason to visit the foreign land. (here the foreign land is Saudi Arabia)

At IeVisa, you can apply for the following 2 types of Saudi Arabia visa:

• 3 months Saudi Arabia Visa
• 1 year Saudi Arabia visa.

Number of Entries with Saudi Arabia Umrah visa

At IeVisa, both the Saudi Arabia visas come with multiple entries features.

Valid stay period on Umrah Visa

The valid stay for 3 months Saudi Arabia visa is 30 days.

The valid stay for 1 year Saudi Arabia visa is 90 days.

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Important note: Given the current scenario, we do not offer this type of Saudi Arabia visa to travel. You can apply for e-Visa Online.


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