Tourism in Ukraine

A huge and young European jewel awaiting its discovery

A large part of Ukraine is undiscovered, giving travellers a huge bundle of opportunities to unfold its mysteries. A nation widely rich in colourful traditions and communal harmony, Ukraine is a huge hub of warm-hearted people who will make you a part of them in no time. You might find yourself sipping Europeans favourite coffee with them while they narrate their story. Borders of Ukraine are heavily loaded with diverse communities which very few countries in the world brag about. The Carpathians stand hard rock to host colourful festivals like Hutsul. Churches, hiking trials and multi-cuisine joints will make your experience indelible. Ukrainians are highly hospitable. Despite being least discovered and conservative in nature, the locals are extremely inviting when given a chance. Ukrainians have a loving heart when it comes to food. This will multiply your impact on the impressions of the locals. Sunday shopping and local cuisine twice a year are the key factors that make travellers crave for more.

Lviv is Ukraine’s UNESCO listed city brewing with coffee houses and rattling trams. You will not find a trace of the Soviet and their local language is Ukranian. Lviv is Ukraine’s hottest tourist destination with good accommodation options and a nice network of transportation. You must opt for cash and not card in Ukraine. Memorials, Historical Centres and museums will speak to you about the ordeal Ukraine had to face to gain its identity. Kyevo-Perscherka in Lavra showcases its golden-domed church with mummified monks in its maze attracts a huge number of visitors throughout.

The Carpathians stand guarded with dense forests in its pockets and sparkling rivers fearlessly making their own way. Dotted with churches and wooden horse carts galloping their way, this mountain range has a lot to offer which is largely raw. The Hutsulshchyna is the most famous festival in these hills. But the hills are also home to Ukraine’s largest National Nature Park. You can keep your day busy with hiking and nature walks as this green patio will gift you one of the best ever. Kamyanets-Podilsky is an island town where one would run short of adjectives to describe it. With highly picturesque fortress and Smotrych River snaking its way, Kamyanets-Podilsky is a tale of two cities- the quiet and the noisy one. You will enjoy 20th-century Russian architecture with amazing restaurants and beautiful parks pondering nearby.

An unusual tourist attraction of Ukraine is Chernobyl or Chornobyl. This site has witnessed the worst nuclear disaster in human history. A place that was once inhabited with 50,000 workers and their families is an abandoned city of rustic leftovers. The site shouts the ordeal of the fateful day. Day tours and audio tours educate its visitors about the events that took place. Odesa had spectacular beaches to enjoy. Its famous Potempkin Step going down to the Black Sea makes it a unique port for Ukraine. This city has a backdrop of multi-hued buildings giving your lens amazing captures.

Sofiyivka Park in Uman is the country’s most beautiful park. It is embellished with beautiful artistic fountains, lakes, waterfalls and 500 different species of trees. Sofia Pototsky was a legendary beauty and her husband Count Felix had created this park in commemorating her beauty. Kolomyya is the favourite of travellers seeking English assistance and good transport. Being an important centre for Hutsul culture, you will find wonderful souvenirs to take back home. Pysanky Museum is a good pit stop to sneak into one of the largest Easter Egg.

Ukraine is one such destination which will turn your visiting experience into discovery. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go…