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Tourism in Kenya

If anywhere in the world is a place that rests with raw and undisturbed nature and wildlife, it's Kenya. The massive spread of dense savannahs and abundant wildlife makes this place genuinely close to heart. Dotted with immense herds of wildlife, the people of Kenya have been the critical caretakers of this place. Enormous respect for nature is seen here in the local tribes like the Swahili, the Kikuyu, the Turkana, the Samburu and the Maasai. They have proved to be the true conservationists of Africa.

Living in harsh conditions and following cultural practices and traditions is what the people of Kenya have earned. They have been successful in preserving the most endangered wildlife species on earth. While you stroll the lush landscapes peppered on the shore of the Indian Ocean, you will be left breathtaking as the snow-capped mountains look over you. Kenya is a place of iconic landforms, and you should visit to experience such a unique combination of nature.

On your Kenyan visit, cultures and ancient Kenyan traditions could be another highlight after wildlife.

The most epic spots worth the halt are:

Wildlife Migration, Masai Mara - This place has the highest concentration of wildlife in the world. The best time to visit is from July to October. This region has dense flat-top acacia trees under which many herds of wildlife thrive. Your trail here will be a vast buffet of tigers, leopards, lions, cheetahs, crocodiles and hyenas.

Amboseli National Park - If you love to see vast communities of elephants, you will be a happy soul here. With Mt. Kilimanjaro in the backdrop, elephants here live in large families. This place is safe from the poaching crisis. Elephants here carry large tusks.

Lamu backstreets - For all those who get inspired by original streets, hidden courtyards and huge waves of azure African waters, this place is a haven for you. Just sip the local fruit juice, and you will be taken back to the old Africa.

Hiking - Mt. Kilimanjaro is not just meant to be admired from a distance. Hiking is genuine love here. You will get a chance to mingle with the locals while you hike to one of the highest peaks in the world. You will need a dash of determination, multiple layers of warmers and 4-5 days to experience the most beautiful sight.

Kakamega Forest - You will find a lot of botanical wonders here. Delicate orchids surrounded by parasite figs as they move towards sunlight is a message of balance nature drives this place. Your safari here will accompany you with 300 species of birds and 400 species of butterflies. Trees are the showstoppers here.

Lake Turkana - Amidst the desert lands and mountains is a mirage snaking its way. You will also find a cone-shaped volcano arising from this place, giving you a truly spectacular experience.

Kisite Marine National Park - close to the Tanzanian border is a hidden jewel. Beach walks, sun-bathing, surfing, cruising, beach activities, and many more can be enjoyed while on a Kenyan holiday. You can walk your way to experience the rich Swahili culture of Kenya by engaging with the locals at village Mkwiro.

Tsavo National Park - This place can be described as a dramatic landscape of raw wilderness. The most charismatic African faunas like lions, tigers, thrive here. You will them lazing under thick green umbrellas as they wait for action.

Hell's Gate National Park - Like no other national park, you will experience wildlife in full action here. Safaris are a good choice here for wildlife photographers and naturists. With a backdrop of deep canyons and red soil, this place is an exciting choice for nature lovers.

Watamu Beaches - One of the most beautiful beaches with the Indian ocean kissing the African shores, this place is the ultimate beauty. You will find plenty of water sports here to keep you engaged. White sand, lined up palm trees and sparkling waters will add zing to your Kenyan vacation.

Kenya is one of the most loved countries for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. So do not delay your vacation.

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