Tourism in Malaysia

A fusion of diverse natural and modern elements

A multi tradition land, Malaysia embraces a copious and rich section of civilization and flora and fauna. When you come across the cities in this super charming den, it has all the urban adventures for you to live. Malaysia has a 130-million-year-old legacy of rainforests and ancient species. And this factor rules Malaysia Tourism. Malaysia is a humble combination of regions and states. All have been strategically designed by nature giving them their own unique identity.

The ecstatic capital city Kuala Lumpur not only rests with towering skyscrapers but multicultural cuisines to relish for. Kuala Lumpur has been designated as The World Book Capital for the year 2020 by UNESCO for its prime focus on education, development of a knowledge-based society and increasing the reading ability of the locals. Bustling markets of the capital city await to give away unique items as souvenirs to its visitors.

Malaysia has alluring groups of islands under its belly like Langkawi, numerous cave temples depicting religious beliefs like Batu Caves, Nature Walks and Hiking at various National Parks and Conservatory Centres.

Malaysia Tourism thrives on preserving and rehabilitating endangered species like orangutans, bears and marine life. Being blessed with dense age-old green patios, this gift of nature provides perfect surroundings and homes to these animals. Sepilok Orangutan Rehab centre, Bear Rehab Centre and Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary are the worlds most-visited reserves. You need to follow their instruction manual to respect the process of rehabilitation.

A generous amount of national parks with approved trails and sight platforms makes Malaysia a must-visit destination. Penang National Park is gifted with golden sand beaches, forest walks and fishing activities. You can plan your visit to Penang from the historic George Town. Some national parks have an entry fee while others have free entry. You will surely run short of memory on your card at the historic George Town.

The best part about Malaysian Tourism is that you will get an array of pit stops while visiting a major one, the famous one towards Penang being Monkey Beach or Teluk Duyung and Turtle Beach or Pantai Kerachut. Carrying your own drinking water will keep you hydrated in the Malaysian summers. Malaysia gifts you the most majestic nature destination of South East Asia- Gunung Mulu National Park.

The most unique methods of preserving dead bodies can be seen and learnt at Agop Batu Tulug, which is a limestone cavern. You will notice carvings on coffins of so believed Chinese craftsmen depicting beliefs and myths of the age-old Kinabatangan community. Whereas the coffins at Agop Sawat are reserved for the chiefs. Just a few steps up the hill, a museum narrates the story of the dead. And if you are an architecture admirer, Christ Church in Malacca will paint your experience in red. This Dutch marvel is one of the most photographed attractions in Malaysia as it provides a beautiful canvas of a vermilion divine escape well ornated with green patios and people hovering the market. World-famous painting ‘The Last Supper’ is present in the most creative way inside the church.

A big shout out to the world of blue wonders- Sipadan Islands. It is an explorer’s wonder. Sipadan Island is the only one in the world that sits 600 m above an extinct volcano. Sipadan is the centre of rich marine habitats in the world. Ancient unique species have taken thousands of years to develop in this part of the world. Sipadan is one of the top diving destinations in the world. Sipadan is a paradise for scuba divers. Sipadan also holds the title of the most unique bird sanctuary.

Your journey to Malaysia will never exhaust. Nature has blessed this piece of land in abundance which your experience will cherish forever.