Tourism in Vietnam

A land of endless natural beauty and dynamic skyscrapers

Vietnam is that part of the earth where complex cultures prevail with warm locals thriving on the same. Vietnam Tourism has risen from the ashes as thousands of war victims have been laid in the Vietnamese soil. But Vietnam has emerged as one of the strongest nations that welcome visitors today. Unparallel scenic bliss with overloaded rough mopeds, discovering the most amazing caves at national parks, tribal villages resting in the local hills, stretches of war victim cemeteries- all these make Vietnam a must-visit. With a fusion of so many cultures, comes fusion of cuisines which is loved by visitors. Vietnamese handicrafts are famous around the world as they are curated by local hands. You will find Chinese influence in the architecture of Vietnam. Many structures which stand today here are breathing from the French colonial period. To this, you will find a huge contrast of luxury pads and superstructures on this land that lures its visitors with modern beauty.

Vietnam is a culinary paradise. The local food is loved by one and all. Thanks to the mixed communities, a huge variety of food are served on the Vietnamese platter. Sweet and sour bombs exploding in your mouth with silky textures of exotic meals makes this place of the earth a foodie’s paradise. Chefs hover over fresh produce and spices to deliver nothing but the best. The capital city, Hanoi is historic but zestful. Making its way towards modernization, Hanoi embraces its visitors offering unique Vietnamese coffee, unbeatable cuisines and souvenirs which are simply the best. French patches hold some colonial chronicles while this cosmopolitan rests with fine dining options and feed art lovers too. The capital city holds temples and an amazing opera house. The puppet shows here are the most loved around the world.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a blissful experience never to be missed. Set up in a backdrop of lush dense forests and breathtaking ravines, this place is a Paradise Cave. Treasured at its base is Hang Son Doong, the world’s largest cave. It doesn’t end here. You can zipline or kayak your way through Hang Toi or ‘Dark Cave’. Halong Bay is as glittering as its limestone caves spiking through its nearby waters. Ruling as the top tourist destination of Vietnam, Halong Bay is a scenic and mesmerising gang of 2000 islands, proudly known as a World Heritage wonder. A trip of kayak through the vague misty Vietnamese dawn through the lagoons which were once owned by prehistoric humans will be the highlight of your Vietnamese holidays.

Hue, perfectly situated on the banks of the Perfume River, is the most convenient destination in Vietnam. With free spaces on streets and restaurants waiting to spoil you, this city has been wholeheartedly embraced by visitors. Hue proudly showcases royal palaces, ancient elephant temples in a natural set up. And if you are a night club animal, then Ho Chi Minh City is the right den for you. With dense history and sumptuous meals, this city hosts a good number of night clubs and bar oozing with rivers of the most favourite beer. And if you want to talk to the city in the day time, you will have to struggle your way from the over the top traffic but make sure without collars as it is hot. And if u wish to hop around Mui Ne is an excellent pit stop. Its sky of loaded with kites and beaches are loaded with activities. There are museums you can visit on a day trip from Ho Chi Ming city to witness the war victims realms.

Dalat is the honeymoon capital of Vietnam. Loaded with pretty gardens, beautiful lakes and pine grooves, Dalat has become a must for visitors who love to spent quality time. It is a host to adventure sports like mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and canoeing in reasonable temperatures. A perfect detour of usual Vietnam is the Ba Be National Park. Spiking limestone towers, super green forests and plunging valleys make this site a must on your Vietnamese trip. Spectacular waterfalls, caves and lakes all combined together house more than 550 species of plants, animals and birds. Village guesthouses and homestays are altogether a different experience in its own way.

Vietnam Tourism is constantly developing as it knows it is and will continue to attract huge flocks of nature lovers in future.