12 Free Things to Do In Dubai And Experience Over The Top Luxury

, Updated on 16-12-2020

No one can ever imagine that Dubai, where luxury is underlined in gold, can offer free things to do for its visitors. This cosmopolitan has every nook and corner decorated with world-famous architecture, concepts, culture and entertainment. But this is equally true that Dubai gives you enjoyment without taking a penny from your pocket.

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Even if you have not booked a luxury tour in Dubai, you can still steal the icing on the cake with our ‘List of free and luxury things to do in Dubai.’

1. Free access to Jumeirah Beach Corniche

Beaches are a highlight in Dubai. And when it comes to Jumeriah corniche, you get entry to one of the most pristine and luxurious belts. This belt houses luxurious resorts, 5-star stays and world-class dining options dotted with the niche crowd. Amongst all this, you can enjoy endless Arabian waters kissing Gulf shores at Jumeriah. And yes, without a penny. 

2. The most expensive cars will meet you free of cost

Dubai is a car haven. Admirers and car fanatics droll here for viewing the beauty on wheels live on Jumeriah roads. Since Jumeriah is a porch zone where expensive car owners are residents here, it is the perfect place to see fancy brands of cars while you don’t have to pay for this show.

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3. Catch Infinity Tower for free

This structure carries the most challenging architecture in the city. It has pushed the boundaries of engineering multifold. The twist in the visit will give you loads of Instagrammable shots. The visit to the tower will be a wonder of a lifetime. What could have gone through the mind of the designer while sketching this tower is the answer you will be curious about. And guess what? Infinity Tower is a residential building. 

4. Swim underwater in a plush setup

Dubai Aquarium stands large and wide at The Dubai Mall. A shopping centre is dotted with the most opulent brands in the world. The largest shopping mall houses the most unique species of the marine world at Dubai Aquarium. While the tunnel walk is paid, the outside view gives you clean and clear access to their world. These species are well taken care of and millions of dollars are spent on the maintenance of their habitat.

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5. Experience Dubai’s rich culture at free entry museum

If you wish to learn and live the dense heritage of UAE, visit Shindaga Museum. The structure houses handmade potteries, weavers creating traditional crafts and demos of pearl diving. Your visit is free here but you will carry valuable history as you walk out.

6. Dubai Fountains dance for your free of cost

With prestigious neighbours like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountains are programmed to lure admirers. Just look for a space for yourself at the deck and enjoy the water dancing to world-famous tunes. The vicinity is filled with all sorts of restaurants paired with great views. Your moment here is amazing as it does not cost you a penny.

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7. Coffee lovers! Are you hearing?

Coffee Museum is brewing, FREE. Yes, entry here is free. This museum houses some unique types of coffee from around the world. You also get to know and learn various to prepare coffee. While you can enjoy a cup at the museum, you can also gain literature to read on later. The second floor of the museum is a coffee library where you can sink in with the aroma of the most loved drink.

8. A callout for art-lovers around the world

Alserkal Avenue is the most happening venue for art admirers. Dotted with small stops for souvenirs, art display stations and coffee shops. Your entry here is free as you walk through the creative galleries. Lanes decorated with creatives touch take you to a cultural journey which gives you an insight of the country as well.

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9. The most beautiful mosque makes your divine visit, blissful

Jumeriah mosque is the most beautiful mosque in Dubai. The sheer white marble structure is situated on Jumeriah Beach Road. You get an opportunity to learn about the Islamic religion here with a free entry. The doors are open to people of all religions thus creating a window for spreading Islamic teachings. Often, a visit to Jumeriah mosque is a part of Dubai tours. But if not, your visit here is free but you walk out with valuable teachings of the religion.

10. Birds in pink live here

Usually, when you wish to see or experience the habitat of flamingos, you have to pay for entry tickets at zoos or natural reserves. But here, flamingos go live and free. The Ras Al Khor Road in Dubai is painted pink by these birds who own habitat here. The Ras Al Khor Bird Sanctuary is dotted with hiding huts. This space can be used for taking beautiful pictures and videos without disturbing their surroundings. You can also view the activities of the flamingos through binoculars here.

11. Wander in the gold washed lanes for free

Dubai loves gold. The UAE is obsessed with gold. Souks or markets of gold are showstoppers in Dubai. The Gold Souk houses jewellery shops where all types and designs of gold jewellery are showcased to attract customers. Some visitors just drop in at The Gold Souk to see how fearlessly this metal is displayed. Dubai gold is world-famous. A huge amount of gold trade is done here at The Gold Souk. You can find the world largest gold ring here. So no limits are celebrated here.

12. The Grand Mosque has a big heart

One of the most beautiful mosques in the UAE, The Grand Mosque is a true example of Islamic architecture. Calligraphic inscriptions, Quranic inscriptions, minaret of a symbolic height paired with small and large domes is simply incredible. The exceptional interiors and calm ambience provide visitors with a serene and peaceful space to have talks with the one and only.  

Dubai has different shades to its personality. As an explorer you can gain may rich experiences by taking a Dubai trip with a difference.



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