Top 9 Arab adrenaline triggering adventures in the Arab pocket

, Updated on 13-05-2020

Tourists get attracted in multiple ways when destinations offer adventurous activities. While you are on the spree, you not only enjoy a high spirited vacation, but you never forget the unmatched beauty of the surroundings. The Arab world for long has hallucinated people around the world with its mysteries and traditions. The middle chunk on earth is embedded with deserts, caravans, nomad lifestyle, cosmopolitan lifestyle and unbeatable royal life.

 1. Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. It is full of surprises and new exciting attractions. The most exciting is the Dubai Frame, an architectural wonder. Hop on a ‘fat bike’ and traverse the desert like never before! Also, participate in hot air balloon rides mostly organised in the desert. Flyboarding, one of the extreme sport, you can enjoy at the coastal line of Dubai. Get you UAE tourist e visa super easy at

 2. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is not just sun, sand and splendour. But also one of the best places to enjoy the adrenaline-fuelled adventures, from wreck diving to dune bashing. Watching the camel race, usually from October to April, can be one of the most memorable moments of life. Apply for UAE e visa now and get going for your dream vacation.

 3. Kuwait

Water sports, sailing and powerboating are the most popular activity in Kuwait. Known for the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, hence it has a multitude of marine life, which attracts many scuba-divers and snorkelers too. Diving with sharks and privately-escorted tours can be the most thrilling experience. Discover the hidden delights and treasures of Kuwait City go Desert safari with overnight camping at a small oasis.

 4. Qatar

Qatar offers a plethora of adventure activities.  Aside from the SUV ride along the desert, it offers other extreme sports like paragliding and quad biking. But skydiving will be the ultimate adventure as you will be looking down on an amazing view of the modern metropolis. And a little further you will get to witness the Persian Gulf like no other.

 5. Oman

Oman is full of wildlife-rich coastline, and lush leafy vales and has adventures aplenty. Whether you’re a hiker, diver, or love a camel ride, you will get everything in this land of mighty mountains. Enjoy the splendour of the Arabian Peninsula on your way to Oman. Drive off-road, hike in the mountains, or experience the undersea world lots more you have to do.

 6. Bahrain

Manama in Bahrain is one of the best places in the world that offers the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. It is an exciting Arabic city with a rich history and engaging culture. This city has become increasingly popular among tourists with a growing food scene. Take a  boat ride to the Hawar Islands, an archipelago of desert islands, and look out for the dolphins that play in the calm Gulf seas.

7. Morocco

Morocco, surrounded by the Sahara, has a culture that is as rich and complex as the desert in which it lies. Its history has influences from the Muslims, Romans, Byzantines and Phoenicians, to name a few. Visit the iconic Casablanca or the beauty of Essaouira, and explore the Atlas Mountains. Be sure to visit the 330 foot-tall Ouzoud Falls. Get out of the city to embrace nature by discovering Morocco’s amazing life.

 8. Egypt

Egypt, is a destination of temples and tombs, has vast tracts of desert, superb scuba diving, and the famed Nile River. There's something for every adventure lover here. Follow the path of the river Nile and enjoy the taste of Egypt's history, beauty and colour. Cruise in one of the world’s most iconic rivers on a traditional felucca. Egypt offers exciting sightseeing adventures at the fascinating monuments. The adventure in Egypt never ends! If you are visiting Egypt for the first time, then do not miss the spectacular sites, such as the Giza Pyramids, Abu Simbel temple or the landmarks of Luxor, to name but a few.

9. Jeddah

Travellers can explore the mystic world of Arabian waters with scuba diving activity in Jeddah. The Red Sea offers beautiful and amazing visuals of the underwater world in Saudi Arabia. No one can ever imagine but Jeddah has other activities like water sports, hiking and boat trips. Gear up for your Saudi vacation by applying for Saudi Arabia e visa.

The Arab world is expanding and ever-growing to engulf the desires of travellers. You every visit will make you unfold hidden stories but filled with fun and thrill. 

Have a safe journey. 

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