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How will travel change after COVID-19?

, Updated on 07-04-2020

The world is halted by a virus. Travel is next to none. Airports are deserted, docks are frozen with cruises and local movements are gridlocked. It seems that we humans had forgotten to stop. And our favourite destinations were desperate to breathe.

The canals of Venice are clear and has life thriving there. The high spiked Himalayas has clear lungs now. Pollutions levels have plummeted to a record, long forgotten. UAE e-visa schedule is being revised by its visitors.

Travel experts are confident that tourism will be more responsible now than ever. Many curious souls will opt for small trips and nearby excursions. Group tourism will see smaller numbers in groups. Places of a visit will be preferred which are close to homes. A sense of reconnecting with after lockdowns and social distancing will rise. People visiting any destination will now have an alert mind not to disturb the local structure. Neither will the local tourism push envelops to accommodate huge influxes. Luxury travel operator Tom Marchant says” People will connect and develop strong bond now and practice co-existence”. Right, because till now we were on the verge of making the other side extinct to facilitate our needs and priorities.


Countries will work on travel measures that are highly sustainable to advocate low pressure on attractions. Some cruise liners will move to a complete shutdown while others will be made to cut down their mall sized areas to curb the influx of thousands of tourists into a city. Travellers will no longer be able to take travelling for granted. Now reaching small places will be tough.

Travel experts say airlines will have to cut down routes which they had started due to high-rise demand of tourists and local tourism authorities.Countries who experience heavy tourism will draft regulations that will make tourists respect nature more now and will be made sure that they give space to other existing beings. More care and concern will now be given to animals who were being treated like just mere tickets. Cleanliness will be the topmost priority of any destination in the coming times.

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The disadvantaged around the world who have suffered to the worst extend will now see donations pouring in from the Nobel. Many countries will now invest and raise better Health infrastructures to curb with such epidemics. There will be new policies for visitors and immigrants that would acknowledge the operational course of action when such an epidemic erupts.

COVID-19 is continuing to sweep humans as if they are paying a price for all the sins they have committed to nature and its children. Once this epidemic is gone, I am sure we all will be better humans to stay on earth and respect Mother Nature.