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, Updated on 10-02-2021

Many travellers and visitors are avid cultural lovers around the globe. They love to learn and experience different cultures that have been a part of human history for centuries. Many destinations have retained and preserved their rich customs, traditions and culture. Locals of these destinations celebrate different aspects of their culture like food, dresses, customs, language, social behaviours and similar ones.

Many tour operators design cultural tours to different countries. These kinds of culture tours are specially curated for visitors seeking glimpses of various traditions. They cover many segments across cultural countries while travellers explore and try to blend with various people coming from different backgrounds.  

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We give you a well-researched list of cultural cities in the world. This will help you to plan a trip that will give you interesting insights into different cultures that thrive across the globe. 

1. Azerbaijan


Shusha- Nearly after 3 decades, Shusha was liberated. It has been declared as the ‘Cultural Capital of Azerbaijan’. This city rests with numerous historical monuments. Shusha has also raised prominent scientists, intellectuals and cultural icons. Azerbaijani music has its roots in this city as famous music composers, directors and singers like Bulbul, Niyazi, Fikret Amirov, Gurban, Rashid, Jabbar, are from here. Renowned writers and thinkers like Hurshidbanu, Gasim Bey Zakir, Najaf Bey Vazirov, Suleyman Sani have their birthplace in Shusha. Ahmet Agaoglu, a politician and journalist whose work left a deep mark in Azerbaijan and Turkey is also a native of Shusha. Late Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev quoted Shusha as a holy city and castle in the country. Shusha is world-famous for its healing springs and natural beauty. Shusha has been famous for hosting horse races and world sports events.

2. Cambodia


Battambang is a friendly and interesting city. It rests with a lazy persona of a creative world which is often powered by art lovers and travellers. Quirky cafes, thematic and innovative restaurants and boutique accommodations and scenic excursions shape this city to be the cultural hub of Cambodia. Restaurants here serve Cambodia’s best natural produce. Street food, arty eat-outs on side streets thrive with French and western cuisine. The surrounding countryside is open to be explored on wheels. Century-old monasteries that hold ordeals of the past, colourful villages thriving with locals who have retained the history and culture of Cambodia and occasional gatherings give you the authentic insight of Cambodian culture. Small rough ways, wide enough for a single bike, snake their way between the lush green paddy fields along with flowing freshwater streams. A day trip to Phnom Sampeu is highly recommended to experience the harrowing Khmer Rouge. Now turned into temples, caves and mountains here were detention centres before Cambodia became independent. One of the cave turned temple displays the bones of the victims which are lept right under the watchful eye of Lord Buddha. A ride on the bamboo train will make you one of the locals who have paved their solution for delayed train schedules. 

3. Georgia

Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta is your perfect top for cultural exploration in Georgia. This city houses several museums and attractions that narrate the traditions followed by the locals for centuries. Resident theatres, visual arts, museums of local themes and traditions make this place Georgia’s hub for cultural exploration. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History displays the specimen of the worlds largest dinosaur Argentinosaurus. Atlanta has a comprehensive gallery of painters and sculptors. You can indulge in sessions to experience a unique angle of Georgian artwork. Atlanta is dotted with ballet companies and community theatres which prove to be great ways to explore the country’s tradition and customs. Tufted fabrics are great souvenirs to take back the traditional Georgian memory. The place is well-known for producing famous American musician, Ray Charles. 

4. India


Indian culture is infused in every nook and corner of its region. There are many cities and villages in this country. We have picked up one city as this is the pattern of the blog. Chennai a cultural capital of the state of Tamilnadu. This city is the biggest cultural centre in Southern India. Chennai houses museums, churches and iconic temples. Its white-sand beaches and authentic seafood cuisine make this city irresistible for travellers. Chennai has the worlds second longest urban beach, Marina Beach. Urban villages, diverse neighbourhoods and South Indian delicacies make this capital city a cultural hub of southern India. Temples in this region stand proudly with ancient Indian crafted architecture depicting mythological episodes.

5. Kenya


Nairobi- Kenya’s heart that stretches from a create jungle to raw nature’s den. This sort of beauty is rare to be found anywhere else in the country. Snuggled between the jungles are tribes that co-exist with animals in harmony. These tribes have been thriving here since ages and have kept the African tribal tradition and culture alive. Some of the villages here do welcome visitors and allow stay with them. Their food is straight from nature and their clothes describe how to survive in the jungle. National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries give you a ride to experience the wildlife nature has blessed this place with. As you ride towards the city, museums like National Museum & Karen Blixen’s House help you learn the culture and traditions of Kenya. The iconic den of Carnivore is a favourite amongst the tourists. You get served lamb, meat, beef and pork in the most authentic South African cuisines. Lord Delamere Terrace & Bar is the starting point of colonial safaris. You will leave as a native from here. Kazuri Beads & Pottery Centre makes you indulge in regular activities which natives follow and be a part of the country. 

6. Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur is a cultural hub in Malaysia. You will find different communities mingling here. Along with Malays, you will find Indians and Chinese here. Malays have a rich heritage in weaving fabrics and wooden handicrafts. You will find fisherman and farmers on the outskirts of Malaysia. To relish the Malaysian cuisine, you can stop at many food points in this city. From street food to 5-star curated dishes, you will experience true Malaysian delicacies in this city. If you get a chance, do stay with some villagers to learn their customs and traditions while they run for their living.  You will also find Indian culture and Chinese culture co-existing with their distinct identities. Temples and UNESCO Heritage sites depict the real Malaysian religious beliefs and traditions.

7. Russia


St. Petersburg is captioned as the imperial capital of Russia. Its cultural essence has fetched this title. The prominent segment that defines the culture of Russia is its art galleries. From scrappy street art to modern Erarta Museum, you get the complete taste of what is Russia all about. The famous White Nights showcase festivals, concerts and parties which is the best time to visit for a cultural trip. Ballet and operas at Mariinsky Theatre themes itself with Russian music and dance that gives an authentic flavour of the country to the visitors. Cathedrals in St.Petersburg stand huge and wide with ancient architecture designed by Russian and French artists.

8. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is the den of Saudi Arabian traditions and cultures. Deep and endless deserts, caravans and Arabian tribes, smoking Arabian meat biryani and roaming camels- all of these and more make this city full of Arabian experience. Museums and Calligraphy centres are equipped with a good amount fo source to learn about Islamic culture, customs and traditions. Desert safaris are packed ith rides, buffet meals and activities that give you a taste of the Gulf. Tribes thriving in deserts wear traditional Saudi dresses and depend on animal for their living. You can unearth the rich historic roots od Diriyah in Riyadh. This discovery will give you deep insight into Saudi culture which is centuries old. The recent reform in travel policies of the country has liberated women a bit. But you will usually find this country conservative and sensitive towards women.

9. Singapore


Singapore is a melting pot of Malay, Southeast, South Asian and Eurasian cultures. Being a prominent cosmopolitan, the culture of Singapore has evolved over the years. You will also find Chinese influences in the culture of Singapore as they have been invaders in the 15th century. The diversity of Singaporean culture is reflected in various languages they speak like Chinese, Malay, Indians and others. Singaporean culture consists of expecting each other. Singaporeans are warm people and also follow Southasian behaviours like leaving footwear outside while entering the home. While entering temples, you are expected to be dressed modestly and cover your head. Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world. So do respect local surroundings when you visit this country. Temples in Singapore have Buddha religion influences and a strict code of conduct is observed. Cuisines and music have Indian and Chinese influences. Sea-food is the favourite of locals and Mediterranean preparations are widely famous. 

10. Thailand


Bangkok is the hub if you wish to experience Thailand culture. Temples in Bangkok have larger than life Buddha statues and Buddist monks widely peddle in the city. Temples have Southasian architecture and many locals follow Buddhism dedicately. Visitors are expected to dress modestly while visiting temples. Stree food cooked in fish oil is the bloodline here. You will also come across an array of restaurants that serve local as well as Indian, Continental and Mediterranean dishes. This makes Bangkok a beautiful place to experience multiculturism. There are around 4 world heritage sites and 18 art galleries and concert halls that showcase cultural programs gving an insight into Thailand culture. People here depend on food, travel and hospitality largely for their living.

So, the next time you plan your cultural trip, keep this list in mind. For any other query, log on to

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