Turkey vacation- When is it Best to Visit Turkey

, Updated on 06-05-2021

Weather in Turkey is of extreme behaviour. During summers, the heat gets really hot. And winters are nail-biting and chilly as the freezing winds pass through the country. So if you plan your vacation, make sure it is springtime or autumn time. The benefits of visiting Turkey in April, May, September-November are that the destination is not too crowded. You can also win discounts and offers during this period.

The guide will give you clear directions on when to plan your travel according to your preference.

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What is Turkey evisa?

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You will receive the Turkey evisa in the inbox of your registered email address. You are required to carry a copy of the email while travelling to Turkey.

Sightseeing in Turkey

The best time to go for a sightseeing vacation in Turkey is springtime. At this point, you will not be a part of huge crowds and will not need to stand in queues for long hours. Restaurants and hotels are quite vacant. The landscapes and hills of Turkey have started to bloom in different colors. In March and April, a Turkish festival dedicated to the season and spring of flowers takes place. You will enjoy being a part of the tradition. For best experiences, always schedule your visits either early in the morning or late evenings.

Shopping in Turkey

Turkey is known for its bespoke bazaars. The capital city of Istanbul is an amalgamation of chic boutiques, traditional souks, spice marts and handicrafts haven. This city is a shopper’s paradise. You will find a vast range of Turkish creations in over 5000 shops at the Grand Bazaar. It stretches over 60 streets, and you need a separate vacation altogether for this. If you are looking to bargain with the local vendors, Autumn is the best time. The country does not see many visitors after this in winters. So vendors do seal deals to carry out their survivals. Seasonal sales like summer sales and winter sales take place in almost all parts of the country. Mornings or evenings are the best time to save money for rich-looking antiques, hand-painted ceramics and jewellery.

Bosphorus Cruise in Turkey

Many Turkey tours include Bosphorus Cruise. It is one of the highlights of Turkey vacations. You can see dolphins in May. Warm temperatures are preferred for this cruise. Even in September, you will find many people flocking the dock for the cruise. Winters do not see much visitor presence at the Bosphorus Cruise as chilly temperatures do not permit them to explore the country.



Beach visit in Turkey

Turkey Beaches are loved around the world. Beach buff love to hit shores in summers when temperatures are hot. July, August and September see Turkey beaches flooded with visitors. Honeymooner planning for a Turkey holiday can opt for a September visit.

Snow holidays in Turkey

Skiing is one of the extreme sports enjoyed in Turkey. Usually, Turkey does not witness snow. Bit Kartalkaya sees skiing in the Koroglu Mountains in December and March. Snow here reaches up to 10 feet in January.           

Turkey is one of the most visited escapes. Locals are warm and friendly. The place is tourist-friendly, and hotels and restaurants facilitate visitor preferences. Flights from countries around the world have pretty decent trips with good discounts and offers.

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Happy planning!

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