Things to do in Turkey

, Updated on 14-06-2021

Turkey vacations are on the cards. And if you are on the verge of exploring the country from end to end, this blog will surely not disappoint you. The land gives you several reasons to stay glued to its ground. Travellers develop a sense of connection with the ancient ruins, warm waters, snow-capped mountains and the welcoming locals.

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Turkey is a country with colossal landmarks and historical imprints. The options for things to do in Turkey can be mind-boggling. You require a planned itinerary to make the most out of your Turkey trip in such a scenario. We will make sure you have one with the list below.


  1. Start with a Historical visit- The ancient city of Ephesus takes second place in the most visited cities in the world. An iconic city of the Roman Empire, Ephesus showcases the impeccable architecture of the Greco-Roman era. The Romans loved to built houses dotted with mosaics, and the restoration works are worth appreciation. Temples, theatres, and libraries reveal one of the most ancient civilisations' lifestyle in human history.
  2. Another ancient wonder- A drive of 4 hours from the city of Ephesus, is Hierapolis. You will find spilling pools of natural minerals creating an artistic frame of snow-covered hills. If you take an overnight stay at Hierapolis, you can hop off to neighbouring places like Laodicea and Aphrodisias. Your visit here will be wonderful to cherish for a long. While applying for Turkey tourist e-visa, many visitors choose itineraries that cover these cities.
  3. Unfold mysterious cities- Take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. You will hover over beautiful landscapes and caves lying under the earth holding many facts of the ancient civilisations. Usually recommended in the early morning, these rides are straight out of a fairytale. Around 18 people loaded in 6-7 balloons take off to explore the unbeatable views at sunrise. Indeed, this activity will provide a good feed for your Instagram.
  4. Escape to Instanbul- You can take a break from the rush to glide into the UNESCO World Heritage site holder. This city is a tough competition to uber cities like Paris and Milan. Archeological Museum, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern and the Turkish and Islamic Museum of Arts are some of the pit stops worth spending time and indulging in the rich Turkish culture and environment. You will find authentic local food settled with other food items on most of the menu of the restaurants in Istanbul. Nightlife is all lit up here, and the locals are warm to engage with visitors. You will find exhaustive shopping options in this city that showcase cultural souvenirs not to be missed.
  5. Sail the Riveria- Travellers usually close their Turkish itineraries with the Blue Cruise of the Turkish Riviera that docks from Fethiye to Antalya. Food and stay is a bonus for the visitors who opt for cruising the Turkish waters.
  6. Trek the Turkish trails- Visitors love to walk the local path to unearth the ancient secrets personally and effectively. Trekkers take the southwest coast of Turkey and leave imprints for others to follow. Cities like Olympus, Myra, Patara, Letoon, Xanthos narrate their classic ordeals to the visitors. Significant sites on the coastal road of this region are dotted with well-restored old cities and proud UNESCO sites.



  1. Sneak into the early mountain churches- Yes, surprisingly, Christianity was prevalent in this Muslim country. In the northeast of Turkey, Sumela Monastery will leave you amazed. A monk saw a vision of the Virgin Mary here. While applying for a Turkish visa, visitors ask for religious tours that include Goreme Open Air Museum. This site features 13th and 14th-century cave churches. Visitors should have a sacred space in their travel itineraries while visiting Turkey. It will help to learn our ancestors' iconic spirituality and beliefs.
  2. Winter fun in Turkey- When the temperatures are down, the lanscapes and mountains are covered with white blankets. And because Turkey has seen the love for snow by the visitors, the government has flushed in many resources to make skiing a terrific sport to boost tourism. Mount Erciyes and Erzurum are famous skiing spots in the country if you are heading in winters.
  3. The Beach way- White clean sands, magnificent azure waves and endless activities and sports make Turkey beach vacays thrilling. Olu Deniz is a famous spot for paragliding, while Kas is a famed destination for kayaking and canoeing. Kiteboarders flock the Gokova Bay while windsurfers head to Alacati.
  4. Bath like the Turkish royals- Hamams as they are locally called, sauna and steaming were the ways the royals used to glow. Today, the locals follow a monthly tradition to bathe in Turkish hamams to relieve stress and inherit natural benefits. You will indeed feel relaxed at the Turkish Baths dotted in various cities.


Turkey has been attracting a considerable number of visitors for quite some time. The hotel stays, sightseeing, activities, restaurants and other factors responsible for tourism are constantly being upgraded to boost tourism. Your Turkish vacation will be pretty sorted after going through this listicle.


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