Tips to Know before applying India Business visa

, Updated on 24-04-2020

Don’t miss these useful tips while applying for India Business Visa

Business travel can be very stressful for the first time. A heap of tasks including documentation, interviews, approvals and updated information can make your business travel very hectic. There are a few things which you need to concentrate on before applying for India Business visa.

To alert you from some pitfalls, let's take a jibe on some points to take care while applying for India business visa:

  1. Some nationalities have different procedures- A US citizen can get Indian Business Visa for one, five or ten years. The main difference between these applications is the cost. So you can decide according to the time duration of your business activity in India. You need to remember that no Indian visa can last for more than 6 months. 

  1. Indian business visa cannot be obtained on arrival- You cannot get an ETA visa for business in India. You have to apply for a visa online in advance. You require a letter of invitation from a host company in India as well as a letter of intent from your local business. 

  1. Visa Application process- Different countries have different visa processes. Some countries require extra documentation to facilitate their business and travel policies. While some countries have a detailed visa application form. With e-visa on the rise, the visa application has become easy and convenient. It even saves time and money. So you need to learn the requirements of business visa before you travel to that country. You can apply for e-visa for Indian business visa as well. Sometimes you might need a letter of invitation for the same. So keep that ready too. We recommend you to apply well in advance for your India business visa. 

  1. India business visa is different from employment visa- You require an India Business visa when you are performing some agreement tasks in the country or trying to set up new offices in the country. You can also hire employees for your company on Indian Business Visa. 

  1. Certain professions require extra documentation. So research online before applying so that you are well prepared while applying for your India Business vIsa. 

  1. You should have enough finances to support your stay and purpose in India. You should be able to provide enough proofs to support the same. 

  1. Return ticket required- You need to produce your return ticket while applying for Indian e-business visa. 

  1. Extension- You might need to extend your stay in India because of your professional commitments. This process of extending India Business visa is tedious and complex. In case you need to extend your India Business visa, you should speak to an official or visit

  1. If you are applying for an urgent India Business Visa from the UK, you will need your proof of residence that should be more than 2 years. 

  1. While going for the interview, be well-dressed and positive. You should present yourself most productively available during the interview. But keep in mind, even if you miss out one document, your chances stand zero for India Business Visa approval. 

  1. Your little bit of research about the country and its local language and food can go a long way to help you.


While you plan your travel to India on a business trip, you can make you travel hassle-free by applying e-visa on

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