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India is the world’s seventh-largest nation lengthening from the lofty mountains of the Himalayan to the tropical verdure of Kerala, and from the divine Ganges to the sands of the Thar Desert. India is the world’s second largest state in population, only behind to China. It is the largest country in South Asia continent sharing its international border with Pakistan to the west, China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the northeast, and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east and Sri Lanka to the south. India is an amazingly diverse country with immense distinctions in culture, climate, and geography and in patters across its reach. Hindi represents the official language of the Indian governments has the largest speakers in the population. English has gained the status of subsidiary official language.
This country is one of the beloved countries who conveniently provide an online visa to visitors instantly wanted to visit India. After reading this blog, you will know how to apply for an online visa and what are the necessary documents you need to apply. Some lots of companies can assist you in this process.

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So how to correctly apply for the proper visa online

Step 1

Visit Ievisa

And carefully choose India, now select your specific nationality and the country you are currently living in.

Step 2

Now after completing step-1, you need choosing your preferred visa type.

Step 3

Once you carefully select your preferred Visa validity, you can instantly move to the next page. In this page, you typically need to carefully fill up the proper form and click to submit after uploading your official documents. This process may take your 2 minutes only.

Step 4

directly pay the visa fees online securely and with the finished piece of mind. They operate an industry leading 256-bit SSL for heightened security. You can pay either from debit or credit cards.

Hence, you’re prepared to go once you obtain the visa online. It will merely take 48-72 working hours or if you wanted it early, can get it in 24 working hours by offering nominal ancillary fees for there Express services.

Eligibility to apply for a Visa-

Customer’s passport should have at least six-month validity from the date of arrival.
You should not be diplomatic passport holder.
This bureaucratic process is not for international travel document holders.

Ievisa is most recommended because of the following reasons

Ievisa provides a user-friendly UI so you can apply trouble free.
They provide 24*7 chat support from visa experts.
They have the most trained team of visa specialist to handle your visa application.
Ievisa’s processing & turnaround time is overwhelmingly the quickest in the world.
They send E-mail information on each and every step of visa processing.

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