Top Tourist Attractions in Egypt

, Updated on 23-03-2021

Egypt has a lot to offer along with pyramids and Nile cruises. Travellers around the world travel to Egypt with great enthusiasm to unfold ancient mysteries. This land rests with the human history of over 6500 years ago which has noteworthy evidence of Egyptian culture and heritage.

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We give you Must-see tourist attractions in Egypt. You can check your nationality before applying for an Egypt visa online. 

  1. Town of Luxor- This town is loaded with attractions and is one of the most prominent halts in the itineraries. Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, River Nile cruises are some of the landmarks this town offers to its visitors to explore ancient Egypt. The East Bank of River Nile is lined up old souks narrating tales of the trade and culture of Egypt. The West Bank of the River Nile is loaded with ample tombs and temples. Luxor fascinates, archaeologists and historians.
  2. Pyramids of Giza- This is one of the 7 surviving wonders in the world. Till today, it remains a mystery for archaeologists that how such a mighty structure must have been raised at that time. It was built as tombs for the Pharaohs and guarded by the majestic Sphinx. This is a must-see attraction for your Egyptian holidays.
  3. Egyptian Museum- This museum is located in the capital city of Cairo. It holds the largest number of Pharaonic antiquities in the world. It is popularly known as the Museum of Cairo. The city districts are crammed with mosques, madrassas, and monuments dating back to the ancient period of the Fatimid. You will also find Khan-e-Khalili, a famous souk where you can see coppersmiths and artisans selling their artwork. The neighbourhoods of this museum are some of the most breath-taking architecture of the old Islamic empires.
  4. Cruise on River Nile- Your Egypt vacation will be incomplete without a cruise on River Nile. A morning cruise will gift you spectacular sunrises while an evening one will gift you an Egyptian dining experience with locals staring and remains of ancient architecture.
  5. Town of Aswan- The most serene town of Egypt is Aswan. Perfectly set on the River Nile, it has a backdrop of dunes. If you are looking for a peaceful escape, you will love this place. The streets of Nubian will give you a colourful surprise while you can cruise across the Elephantine Island. You can a camel ride to the desert monastery of St. Simeon.
  6. White Desert- This attraction comes as a surprise in the middle of dunes. You will find white chalk mountains raising their heads creating a snowy landscape in Egypt. It is a wonderful site for adventurers or if you had you are done with tombs and temples.
  7. Town of Siwa- Another peace escape from the hustles of the Egypt busy cities is Siwa. It is famed as the most picturesque spot in Egypt. Surrounded by palm plantations and several freshwater springs, Siwa is a perfect halt for taking your vacation easy. For adventure seekers seeking fun in the neighbouring desert, this town is the right place.
  8. South Sinai- Beach lovers heading to Egypt, Sinai is your beach spot. You will find Sharm-el-Sheikh is a European nest built for visitors seeking beach escape. It also rests with international restaurants, luxury nests for tourists and entertainments options. Visitors looking for a low-key beach halt can head to Dahab. You can also nap at the hut retreats located between the borders of Taba and Nuweiba. The South of Sinai is one of the top diving destinations in the world. The Red Sea Reef here is home to thousands of different sea creatures making it the most colourful and beautiful reef in the world.
  9. The Hanging Church- This church is located above Babylon’s fortress gatehouse. Its nave is suspended over the passage and hence its name. The church is Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox church.

Egypt is a land full of culture, heritage and ancient human history. To accommodate everything into one trip will be tough. So set sail to the land of mysteries now. Egypt sees a lot of influx of Sri Lankans as tourists. Egypt visa for Sri Lankan citizens can be easily applied for at Ievisa.

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