Simple Guide to Egypt Visa

, Updated on 19-03-2021

Travellers around the world always look out for easy travel. And one of the most important parts of planning a journey is the visa. Visa is a permit that allows a visitor to access a particular country. In this blog, we will understand the types of visa one can apply for while travelling to Egypt.

Egypt is one of the most loved destinations for its mysteries. Huge pyramids standing tall and strong narrate realms of an ancient era when Egyptians prayed to God of every element. This country has lots of tourism reasons to offer to visitors. While travelling to Egypt, you need to keep in mind that you require a visa to travel to this country. Egypt witnesses a good amount of footfall from its close and far neighbours like Oman, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. A good amount of the ex-pat population from Sri Lanka constitute the Egyptian economy. Travellers coming in from nearby countries do plan road trips to Egypt as it is a different experience to explore on wheels. But even in this scenario, you require a visa to enter the land.

Different countries have different travel protocols and regulations. You can check your nationality on to know which type of visa do you need to travel. Some countries are also granted a visa on arrival or visa-free entry. But it is not in the case of Egypt. Ievisa provides online visa services for Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Sri Lanka. The online application process at Ievisa is simple and a huge time-saver.

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Egypt visa based on entries  

Egypt Single entry visa

While you plan your travel to Egypt, you can avail this visa that permits single entry. Once you enter the country and make an exit, your visa expires. For any further reason, if you are required to travel, you will have to apply for a single entry Egypt tourist visa again. For seamless online visa services, log on to

Egypt Multiple entry visa

If you require to make frequent entries to Egypt, then you have a choice to apply for Egypt multiple-entry tourist visa. You can exit and enter on the same visa multiple times within the valid period of 30 days. Travellers who require to make several visits due to professional or personal commitment can apply for a multiple-entry tourist visa.

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Egypt visa based on stay period

30 days Egypt visa

To explore the mysteries of the Egyptian land, you need a handsome amount of time. The cultural markets or souks. These market places give you the real feel of how Egypt tribes used to carry out their living, their food, survival modes, trade, community socialisation and mode of transport. When you have too much to unfold, you need time. For tourism purposes or work purposes, you can apply for 30 days Egypt tourist visa. This visa is valid for 3 months or 90 days. You get a stay validity for 30 days under this visa.

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Applicants are required to buy COVID-19 insurance while they apply for the visa. This condition has been mandated by many countries in the world to stop the spread of the pandemic. An additional charge is incurred while you apply for the visa. The break up of the service charges is clearly stated on the website to maintain maximum transparency between the applicant and Ievisa.

Service Types

We understand that sometimes you might have to travel in urgent situations arising from a health or emergency evacuations or similar such situations. Ievisa offers 2 types of services for Egypt tourist visa.

  1. Regular Service- Under this service, your application is processed like any other regular application. Time taken under this service is 3-5 business days.
  2. Express Service- This service is exclusively for those traveller seeking urgent travel. Under this service, the application is processed on priority and the time taken is 1-2 days.

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Ievisa has been a pioneer in online visa services for over a decade now. Our customers come back to us saying they have never had such easy travel plans ever before. Visa experts are available 24x7 to assist you in any manner they can. You can just drop a message at and they will get back to you in the shortest possible time. Ievisa has the lowest recorded rejection rate that makes it highly reliable for travellers. Ievisa specialises in tours, hotel bookings and visa services.

So, be a responsible traveller and travel with Ievisa. Get your Egypt tourist visa now.

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