Oman - A Land of Treasures, Mysteries And Heritage

, Updated on 02-05-2020

Oman is a beautiful amalgamation of old traditions and modern ideas. Fortresses narrate the realms when enemies use to hustle for territories. Their architecture is worth to halt and admire.

Recently, Oman has gained a promising response from visitors around the world. Its highlights being interesting infrastructures, effortless visa facilities and adventure as well as getaway vacations. Today you can easily apply for Oman visa online.

Travellers heading out for exploration have a wide variety of options to choose from on their visit to Oman. Mountains that raise their dense green heads amidst the Omani terrain give wonderful opportunities of trekking, hiking, camping and rock climbing. While you can be on a desert spree to discover the deserts of Oman with glimpses of Omani culture, tradition and food.

To live the Omani culture, you must visit the ancient souks of the country. They are not fabricated with steel and cement. Souks are archaeologically fantasied buildings with a century-old fragrance. Souks are loaded with antiques, souvenirs, incense sticks, local produce, spices and coffee. Omani souks are very decorative and flashy with an antique ancient feel. That is why it gives amazing feeds for Instagram. You should spend a good amount of time in Muscat and Salalah. You will notice mud-brick villages with lanes snaking to the cornice and souks. These villages garden apricots and pomegranate with an ancient irrigation system that aids minimum evaporation. Omani locals are extremely warm-hearted people. They welcome modernism keeping their cultural integrity in mind.

Omani skyline is outlined with ancient mosques that are beautifully architectures. A call to prayer is a common sound in the Omani air. The fascinating Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is captivating as it is considered to be the most beautiful places of worship in the Gulf.

Oman is the proud owner of six World Heritage Sites:


  1. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
  2. Mutrah Souk
  3. Al Aflaj Irrigation Systems
  4. Frankincense Trails
  5. Al-Ain Beehive Tombs
  6. Forts- Nizwa, Bahla, Rustaq, Nakhal


Omani culture and tradition come with the following:

  1. Frankincense- Also, a World Heritage site, you will find a peculiar fragrance in the air of Oman. It is its ancient tradition of Frankincense. The Land of Frankincense yields this serene smell. It also has therapeutic qualities.
  2. Rosewater- majorly used to prepare Omani halwa, a savoury usually eaten after a meal. Roses are harvested in large quantities tom produce rosewater as a major food ingredient.  
  3. Bakhoor- another aromatic substance that is an integral part of the Omani lifestyle. It is a blend of oil-soaked woodchips such as sandalwood and attar.
  4. Craftsmanship-Omani craftsman work with silver, wood, copper, textile, leather and clay. Daggers are a national symbol and a good souvenir choice. Traditional mabkharas, incense stick stands, antique jewellery are some of the items craftsman showcase in souks in Oman.
  5. Fishing- Omani locals trade for fish to other countries like India, China and East Africa. The souks are also stacked with tuna and other kinds of fishes.

Oman offers wildlife watching spots, bird watching, snorkelling activities in endless seas and lagoons. Your stay is well facilitated by hotels with excellent facilities. Omani locals are extremely welcoming.

Oman is a land of many secrets waiting to unfold by its curious explorers. Plan your trip to Oman by getting you Oman visa online.

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