Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

, Updated on 22-03-2021

Sri Lanka is mesmerising. Travellers around the world get attracted to its raw and natural beauty. This country gives all visitors several tourist attractions to visit. Be it a religious tourist site or a historic one or natural parks with exotic animals, Sri Lanka has all the reasons to be a traveller’s, first love.

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We give the Top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

1. Sigiriya Rock Fort

Sigiriya Rock Fort

Quite an impressive natural rock in the middle of dense rainforests of Sri Lanka, this attraction depicts how would have ancient people built monasteries and palace on the plateau top of this rock. You can reach the top by stairways which are in itself breathtaking. Do not miss the caves and garden that are neighbours of this rock for ages.

2. Yala National Park

Yala National Park

Yala is blessed with abundant wildlife and rare species of birds and animals. This national park has the maximum number of leopards in the world. So surely you will spot them while you visit the park. You will also find huge numbers of elephants, sloth bears and crocodiles lazying on swamps.

3. Galle Fort


If you wish to escape into your zone, this attraction suits you. The alleys are cobblestones ways that used to be inside the fort a long time back. It was raised by the Portuguese in 1505. But today the alleys are filled with hotels, clothing centres, restaurants and souvenirs shops. You will see a beautiful blend of European and Asian architecture here.

4. Adam’s Peak

Adam's Peak

The peak has religious importance to different beliefs. The top of the peak rests with footprints. For Buddhists, it is Buddha’s footprint, for Hindus, it is Shiva’s footprint and for Christians, it is Jesus’s footprint. On full moon nights, this place sees a large number of devotees. After completing 5000 steps, you reach a divine place blessed with natural views.

5. Temple of the Tooth

Temple of the Tooth

This attraction hold ohigh religious values. One of Buddha’s tooth is preserved here. The tooth of Budhha was taken from his deathbed and smuggled to Sri Lanka from India. Daily pujas and chants take place here as devotees gather to catch glimpse of the tooth placed in the casing.

6. Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay

This beachline is trued by surfers. This place is within walking distance from the city centre but is meant for intermediate or advanced surfers. Whiskey Point and Peanut Farm are the two most famous beaches here. You will notice a surfer lifestyle here carried by locals and visitors.

7. Mirissa


The most loved Sri Lankan beach escape is Mirissa. Lined up with tall overhanging palm trees and restaurants, this place is a must to visit. Snorkelling, surfing, whale watching are some of the beach activities you can enjoy here. The nearby Parrot Rock offers great sea views from the top.

8. Dambulla Cave Temple

 Dambulla Cave Temple

One of the most sacred Budhha sites is Dambulla. You can get free access on full moon day here. Over 80 caves are found here, but the important 5 have statues and teaching of Budhha on them. Make sure you dress modestly while you visit temples in Sri Lanka.

9. Ravanna Falls

 Ravanna Falls

Hot summer months see huge crowds here. Locals and visitors come here to beat the heat as they take a cool dip on the waters. You can also be apart of Ravanna Ella Wildlife which is nearby. This attraction is naturally situated in Ella town. You may also be welcomed by local monkeys.

10. Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe National Park

During your Sri Lankan visit, elephants will be a common sight. They have other mates like water buffaloes, jackals, peacocks, crocodiles, monkeys and dear. You can indulge in safaris in the mornings or evenings. This attraction is rich in bio-reserves and rivers.

 Sri Lanka is always surprising everytime you visit. To apply for a quick online Sri Lanka visa now and head to a world of natural wonders.

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