Tourism in New Zealand

A land of wishful adventures

New Zealand is a chunk of vast National reserves, exceptional skiing and ace surfing. New Zealand plays an underdog but at the same time, it can be highly adventurous. Nature has decorated this part of the world with snow-capped peaks spiking the blue blanket, mesmerising valleys guarded by rocky mountains, fish-loaded rivers and rainforests. This Polynesian land is filled with geological activities like mud volcanoes and springs. New Zealand is best explored when self-driven. This country houses inns, budget hotels and world’s most luxurious stays. The unbeatable world champions Maori rugby players rule New Zealand and proudly represent their black community. The most uncommon traffic chaos, untidy hostels and unhygienic food are the rarest experiences ever in New Zealand, making it one of the most decent nations in the world.

Queenstown is the mother of bungee jumping and the most adventurous activities take place here. A big call out to all the adventure junkies, Queenstown is a scenic bliss too. Here the days are as fun-loving as under the blanket of stars. Its bar culture and artistic vineyards make it Queenstown a much loved cosmopolitan. New Zealand’s most popular ‘Great Walk’ is what hikers and climbers swear by. Abel Tasman National Park embeds this great walk giving you the most memorable experience of your lifetime.

Milford Sound is a photographers paradise. Set on the blue waters of fiord’s, Milford attract one million annual visitors. With sharp Rahotu peaks giving way to pristine waterfalls and tree avalanches merging the dark sparkling waters is a fantastical realm. Rotorua is where the earth speaks to its visitors. With so many geothermal activities and changes underway, walking tours are the most famous here. Thermal geysers, graters, mud pools, mineral springs- you have all the benefits of nature to acquire here. Mountain biking and sky diving are loved here as they offer beautiful glimpses of this region. Colourful springs at nearby Wai-O-Tapu and the famous champagne pool is not to be missed.

Wellington is beatific. Resting on a hook-shaped corniche with snow-capped peaks lined-up, Wellington is a compact city with cultural out-pouring. This capital city is well furnished with museums, art galleries and theatres showcasing the cultural essence of New Zealand. Its kickass coffee and beer culture make it difficult for visitors to resist. Windy days can be challenging at Wellington. The Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean kiss to form the most loved island in the world- Auckland. The rising rugged mountains have engulfed a city that thrives with quality life and high rate of liveability. You can have thrilling surfing experiences in the western coast. And can walk through dense tracks of wineries and thermal springs.

Central Otago is a cyclist odyssey. Hills donning green fields that turn gold with the first ray of the sun make splendid tracks for exploring on wheels. Being one of the top wine regions of the country, farmers enjoy their nature engagements with clads on cycles. Mountain biking along with the gold mines at Central Otago or exploring the district along the Otago Central Rail track are the most contagious activities you will crave for long. Waitomo Caves have been luring visitors for over a century now. Its glow worms lit up the dark den which will make your visit phobia free. More than 250 caves are well navigated here and you will have a shaft to walk upon during your exploration. It is electrically lit too but the visit will be tight and wet.

A destination which awaits to unfold its envelops of nature’s gifts- New Zealand. A place you will swear by.